1. Preparation

TEST AREA: Always test the product on a small inconspicuous area first to ensure the product does not react adversely with the surface or give a slippery result. Also check if the surface has been previously sealed by carrying out a splash test by wetting the surface to see if water beads.

Concrete Floor Sealer is not recommended for use around wet areas i.e. swimming pools and when tinted it is not recommended for driveways and carports.

Surface preparation is critical. For information regarding cleaning, ageing & curing of concrete please contact Bondall. It is advisable to allow a minimum of 6 weeks ageing before sealing onto any newly laid concrete. Areas affected by efflorescence, grease, mould or bore stain should be treated with the appropriate Bondall cleaning product. Ensure all surfaces to be sealed with Concrete Floor Sealer are clean, dry and free from dust and other contaminants. Any stains present will become more apparent once sealed unless the sealer has been tinted.

Surfaces cleaned with acid based products need to be totally neutralized as any acid residue present will attack the coating.

2. Application

Stir well before and during use. DO NOT SHAKE the contents as shaking will produce air bubbles which may become trapped on the surface.

Proper penetration of the first coat is very important. do not allow pooling, this will lead to coating forming a white, milky film.

Apply 1 coat diluted 10-15% by volume with water by brush, roller or spray. Allow to dry for a minimum of 24 hours before applying an undiluted second coat. Over application will increase sheen and slip level.

If the sealer has been tinted apply 1 undiluted coat allow to dry and carry out a splash test, if water beads a second coat is not required and may lead to increase sheen and slip level. Do not apply if temperature is below 10ºC or above 35ºC or if rain is expected within 24 hours as this could lead to whitening of the coating.

Ensure adequate ventilation during use.


Not suited for vehicle traffic when tinted.

May make some surfaces slippery.

Over application may lead to the coating forming a milky film.

3. Drying Time

Concrete Floor Sealer dries in 24 hours in favorable conditions. Drying times are a guide only. For further information contact Bondall. Optimum coating properties achieved after 7 days.


Approximately 5-10m² per Litre per coat and may vary according to surface porosity and application technique. Always test if sufficient product has been applied by carrying out a splash test. Over application may increase sheen and slip level.

Clean Up

Clean all equipment up with water. Do not pour contents or washings down drains or sinks. Dispose as per your local council regulations.

It is recommended that normal personal protective clothing should be worn, including coveralls, impervious gloves and goggles. Avoid unnecessary skin contact and inhalation. Use a suitable respirator if spray application is employed. If swallowed, contact a doctor or the Poison Information Centre on 13 11 26. Give a glass of water to drink and do not induce vomiting.