When selecting the right Bathroom tile sealer, a lot depends on the type of tile used. Bondall produce a range of Tileguard products that a suitable for a variety of bathroom tiles.

Selecting a Bathroom tile sealerTileguard Bathroom tile sealers

Tileguard Granite and Marble Sealer is designed to penetrate natural granite and marble surfaces to provide effective water repellent qualities.

For penetrating un-glazed porcelain and ceramic surfaces, Tileguard Porcelain and Ceramic Sealer is ideal and provides effective water repellent qualities.

For a clear penetrating solution that waterproofs terracotta tiles without leaving a slippery film coating, Tileguard Terracotta Sealer is the best option. It is most suited to unglazed surfaces and being water-based it’s easy to apply and clean up.It works in both horizontal and vertical surfaces and on interior and exterior finishes.

For the tile surfaces that are constantly wet, such as shower, bath, and wash basin areas, the best Bathroom tile sealer is Tileguard Tile and Grout Sealer. It is a clear penetrating solution that waterproofs tiles and grout without a slippery film coating and is specially formulated to maximise water resistance to reduce the growth of mould and mildew.

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